The Headless Club is a directory of the best ecommerce stores built using modern web technologies. It features projects that combine outstanding design with excellent performance and usability.


Most directories tend to put emphasis on shiny and showy hyper-animated web experiments. Unfortunately, many of these projects fail when criteria like performance, mobile, usability, and accessibility are considered. It’s hard to find one single resource on the internet that would combine both the technological excellence and highly polished design in ecommerce space. The Headless Club started as an internal agency tool to foster ecommerce best-practices across our development team. Now we’re sharing our findings with you.


Here’s how we select projects:

Performance - website speed is an essential part of the overall user experience. We use (CrUX) which measures the performance based on actual user sessions. We recognize the site as a High-Performance one if it passes at least 3 out of 4 metrics.

Usability - unlike many web directories we're not focusing on web experiments. These might be visually exciting but usually fail to meet other criteria like: frictionless mobile experience, page load speed, or accessibility. We pick only highly-usable projects optimized for conversions.

Outstanding design - no matter the technology, we think ecommerce should be visually engaging and help brands stand out.


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